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Collaborative divorce, where the parties try working together to dissolve their marriage, is one of the new strategies The Goldberg Legal Group has used for effective resolution to cases in the Westminster area. As a trusted Child Custody firm, The Goldberg Legal Group can help with collaborative divorce and protect your interest in case the process breaks down. Legal separation is another option Westminster clients consider.

The Goldberg Legal Group has a long history of carefully looking over what our clients need from their attorney and trying to fulfill those needs as much as possible. W work with anyone in the Westminster area who is looking for an experienced Child Custody lawyer.

Our Child Custody firm is dedicated to being your go-to firm when it comes to these issues. We have 13 Years of experience in meeting our clients’ needs, so you know you can always trust us at The Goldberg Legal Group to help you in the Westminster area.

The Goldberg Legal Group understands the financial pressures that people in the Westminster region and across the country face paying for legal services. You take a big leap of faith trusting us to handle your Child Custody case, and we try everyday to honor that trust. Contact The Goldberg Legal Group with the information below for a consultation.

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