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At The Goldberg Legal Group, we believe that a successful Divorce attorney should be both ferocious in the courtroom, fighting for the rights of their clients, but also personable when dealing with those who need their help. We work with clients from all over Costa Mesa, and we always make sure that comfort and progress are the two constants throughout our time together.

The Goldberg Legal Group prides itself on being able to provide high-level legal counsel that does not sacrifice a personal touch. With 13 Years experience working with clients in the Costa Mesa area, we know how to maneuver through these difficult scenarios while keeping your best interest as our focus. Let our team of professionals in the Costa Mesa area bring you the peace of mind you need and deserve.

No matter how difficult and emotionally-charged your Divorce case may be, we know what it takes for you to have a successful outcome. Over the course of 13 Years here at The Goldberg Legal Group we have helped countless clients throughout Costa Mesa reach successful outcomes in their cases.

At The Goldberg Legal Group, we understand that you naturally have lots of anxiety about your Divorce case. After 13 Years in the business, we know the value of responding to phone calls expediently and have the means to always return our Costa Mesa area client's calls in a couple of days. Our Divorce attorneys are always looking for a reasonable settlement that protects the client's rights while disposing the matter quickly.

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