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About Us

The Goldberg Legal Group has provided families with dedicated legal assistance with over fifteen years of expertise. The Irvine office has assisted families and clients all over Orange County and southern California. Attorney David Goldberg possesses great depth of expertise in family law and high-asset divorce. Also, Mr. Goldberg devotes his time and practice to helping families of all backgrounds through the details of separation and divorce. In addition, The Goldberg Legal Group is available for representation, consultations, processing forms, or to answer just a question.

Attorney Goldberg has experience with a significant amount of California divorce and family law. The represented clients have cases from the very simple contested or uncontested divorce to cases involving considerable assets. Most family legal issues require an attention to detail that allows for proper closure. His focus and attention to detail have earned him and the firm a deserved reputation for personal attention and diligence. Attorney David Goldberg takes pride in his financial and physical accessibility. This accessibility has lead to a large number of satisfied clients.

Attorney David Goldberg possesses the knowledge and understanding to handle complex matters. However he also maintains an honesty and compassion for his clients that guides his representation. Further, it is Mr. Goldberg’s belief that good strong communication with the client is the foundation of the representation of each client. Also, accessibility and communication are key to addressing a client’s needs and managing their expectations. Mr. Goldberg works hard to ensure that his clients have the necessary information to make informed decisions regarding their case, but to also deal with the stressful realities of a pending divorce or family law matter.

Call 949-229-0229 or send an email to schedule a free initial consultation, learn more about The Goldberg Legal Group, and also how we can guide you through any family law matter you may face.

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Does it Matter who Files for Divorce FirstA common belief is that there is a significant advantage to the party who files first for divorce.  Mostly, there are no significant advantages of filing first for divorce.  The party that files first is known as the Petitioner and the other party that responds to the divorce is

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The Income and Expense Declaration (FL-150) is one of, if not the most important document during the pendency of a family law matter.   The Income and Expense Declaration is important since it is used for a variety of financial issues in a family law case.  The declaration is required by a court to determine issues such

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