Business Division in Irvine and Orange County During a Divorce

Going through a divorce is hard enough without the added complications of dividing business assets. If you or your spouse own a corporation, partnership, LLC, sole proprietorship, or have a family-owned company in Orange County and are going through a divorce, speaking to a skilled divorce lawyer about your rights is critical. When you come to The Goldberg Legal Group, you can count on our decade-plus of experience assisting clients through their divorce when business concerns are involved. Whether you want to keep the doors of company open or need assistance with valuing and dividing assets, we can help. Contact our law firm to speak with a skilled Orange County business division lawyer today.

Dividing Business Assets in California

When dividing business assets during a divorce, valuation plays a very large role in the process. That is why we work with experienced professionals in the field of accounting and finance to ensure that your business is properly valued. From business goodwill and trade secrets to inventory and determining the cash flow of a business, we will thoroughly investigate the value of your company in order to best protect your rights.

Continuing to Operate the Business After a Divorce

It often happens that one spouse will wish to carry on the business venture after the divorce. This requires the assistance of an Orange County lawyer with experience in this area. Coming to a satisfactory property settlement will greatly affect the future of the business and can only be achieved with proper guidance. You can rely on The Goldberg Legal Group to lead you down the path that will benefit you. We have dealt with many complex divorces and know what steps to take.

Free Initial Consultation With a Skilled Business Valuation and Divorce Lawyer

If you have questions regarding a business valuation or the division of business assets during your divorce, call a skilled Orange County business valuation and division attorney at (949) 229-0229. You can also contact our California law firm online.

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