Child Custody Attorney in Irvine, CA

Orange County child custody is one of the most important issues for a parent contemplating divorce or already in divorce proceedings. It can be difficult for parents to agree on every child custody issue during a divorce. The Court after a hearing or trial will decide custody and visitation issues if the parents are unable to agree. The Court is required keep the best interests of your children in mind on custody related matters. Depending on a client’s situation, custody matters may require simple negotiations or may require extensive legal representation by a child custody lawyer. At The Goldberg Legal Group, we understand that no child custody matter is exactly the same. We aggressively represent child custody and visitation issues on behalf of our clients whether during negotiations or at trial before the Orange County Court.

Whether negotiations or a Court hearing is needed, contact The Goldberg Legal Group to ensure that you receive proper legal representation in your Orange County child custody case.

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