Complex & High-Asset Divorce in Irvine and Orange County

As a general rule, more assets equate to more challenges in a divorce case. Not only is there simply more to fight over, there are more layers of complexity in terms of sorting through separate property and marital property, and in terms of understanding the value of the property. In these cases, it becomes critical to choose an Orange County complex divorce lawyer with the resources to build a case designed to protect your share of the assets.

You will find that lawyer at The Goldberg Legal Group. Contact us to learn more about your divorce options in California.

Divorce For Professionals And Business Owners

High-asset divorce cases in California tend to involve professionals such as doctors, dentists, CEOs and CFOs, as well as business owners and individuals with a stake in a business. We have more than a decade of legal experience that we can use to protect professional practices and businesses. In these cases, as in many high-asset divorce cases, the primary questions at the heart of a case are often: How much is the business worth, including goodwill? And; What is the cash flow of the professional or the business?

We have a network of resources to draw from to answer that question, including business valuation advisers and forensic accountants.

A More Aggressive Approach To High-Asset Divorce From a Skilled Lawyer in the Costa Mesa Area

High-asset divorce cases may require a more aggressive approach. There is a greater likelihood of one party attempting to hide assets from the other, so extensive discovery and litigation may be required to reveal necessary information. Furthermore, disputes over division of assets — whether it is real estate, art collections, antique collections or anything else — tend to be more contested. You must choose an attorney who understands what to do when attempts at negotiation and mediation fail.

We are prepared to take these matters to trial in order to protect your business or any other asset. We also fully understand the steps involved with setting and calculating child support for families with high incomes.

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