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When you come to The Goldberg Legal Group for help with your Orange County Divorce, we understand that the first step is to answer your questions. You may want to know about our reasonable fees and the time frame for completion. You may want to know details about the law and how it relates to child custody and support. You need to have the information before you can make decisions regarding your divorce case.

At our law firm, you will be able to speak directly with an attorney and get clear answers to all of your questions so you can be comfortable moving forward. Contact our law firm to speak with a divorce lawyer today.

How to Choose a Divorce Attorney in Irvine, CA

Choosing a divorce lawyer can be difficult, particularly during this high-stress time in your life. Some people even consider handling their divorce themselves. The danger of a do-it-yourself divorce or in choosing the wrong divorce attorney is that it can lead to time-consuming setbacks and errors that are very expensive to correct.

When choosing a divorce attorney, look at experience. Our law firm features an attorney who has been handling cases like yours with over a decade of experience and has worked for some of the most prominent law firms in Orange County, California. Also look at the attorney’s record of success. Our attorney has guided many people through divorces of all kinds, including challenging high-asset divorce cases. Most clients pay attention to their costs and fees as well. We pride ourselves on the fact that our high-quality representation is also relatively affordable.

Uncontested Divorce And Contested Divorce in the Costa Mesa and Irvine Areas

An uncontested divorce is a divorce in which both parties have already agreed upon all of the elements and need a lawyer only to ensure that the paperwork is handled correctly. Our experience allows us to efficiently and effectively finalize these divorces. Contact our uncontested divorce attorney to find out about our competitive rates.

Most Orange County Divorce cases we handle are contested divorces. They may involve relatively minor disputes over property division, or they may involve overwhelming disagreements on every issue. We have the strength to reach positive resolutions in these cases, using whatever technique is most appropriate: negotiation, mediation or trial.

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