Legal Custody in Irvine and Orange County

Legal custody consists of the decisions about the children’s health, education and welfare. For example, legal custody decisions are about the school the children will attend, the children’s religious upbringing, or a medical decision made on behalf of a child. Parents can share joint legal custody or either parent can have sole legal custody.

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The legalization of marijuana for recreational and/or for medical purposes is a prevailing issue.  In the context of family law, the issue of marijuana use has changed in a relative short period of time.  Ten years ago it was quite possible that a parent that used or was accused of using marijuana could have lost custody of their

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There are individuals that believe that being underhanded, dishonest, and non-compliant during a divorce is the better approach.  This is far from true and can potentially make their case much worse.  A good family law attorney will attempt to prevent such actions by their clients but it can also be said that attorneys can only advise against

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