Legal Custody in Irvine and Orange County

Legal custody consists of the decisions about the children’s health, education and welfare. For example, legal custody decisions are about the school the children will attend, the children’s religious upbringing, or a medical decision made on behalf of a child. Parents can share joint legal custody or either parent can have sole legal custody.

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Advantages of filing divorce first

Does it Matter who Files for Divorce FirstA common belief is that there is a significant advantage to the party who files first for divorce.  Mostly, there are no significant advantages of filing first for divorce.  The party that files first is known as the Petitioner and the other party that responds to the divorce is

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The Importance of the Income and Expense Declaration Form

The Income and Expense Declaration (FL-150) is one of, if not the most important document during the pendency of a family law matter.   The Income and Expense Declaration is important since it is used for a variety of financial issues in a family law case.  The declaration is required by a court to determine issues such

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