Domestic Violence Attorney Anaheim CA

The Goldberg Legal Group knows that lawyers are thought to be intimidating, straight-to-business individuals. For 18 Years we have made every attempt possible to ensure that our clients in the Anaheim area can trust us to deliver our knowledge and experience to them as they are going through a difficult domestic violence case.

The Goldberg Legal Group understands the ins and outs of how family legal matters work in the Anaheim area. We will help you prepare and plan the solutions to your domestic violence situation, be it in the initial stages or well into the dispute, just as we have helped countless people in the Anaheim area for 18 Years. You are never without hope in domestic violence matters, nor are you alone.

When casting a meeting with any domestic violence attorney, it helps to be prepared. Ideally you should record all the questions and concerns you would like to discuss. Bring this list to the appointment to ensure that all aspects of your case are covered; in turn The Goldberg Legal Group will craft a powerful case strategy for your domestic violence case in the Anaheim area.

For every aspect of your domestic violence case, we'll do our best to make sure you're completely happy with our service. For more information or to schedule a consultation, call The Goldberg Legal Group at (949) 229-0229. We will help every client in Anaheim. 

The Goldberg Legal Group

7545 Irvine Center Drive

Irvine, CA 82618

(949) 229-0229

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