Domestic Violence Law Firm Costa Mesa CA

Domestic violence cases in the Costa Mesa area can be very difficult, exhausting and even messy, especially when there are extenuating circumstances. The Goldberg Legal Group may have to help you manage your emotions at some point, but after 18 Years of experience, we know how to get the job done.

At The Goldberg Legal Group, our goal is not just to be a high-volume firm, but to provide a more personal touch to every case. We know that domestic violence laws can be difficult to maneuver, and the cases are extremely taxing. We want to provide our service to clients throughout the Costa Mesa area so that they have someone they can count on during these hard times. Do not go through domestic violence cases alone. Let our Costa Mesa area firm guide you through this difficult time.

For almost all domestic violence cases in the Costa Mesa area, it is better to come to an amicable settlement than to fight through litigation. The Goldberg Legal Group is trained to find a beneficial settlement agreement for our clients and use litigation selectively to pursue settlement goals. Our attorneys have also used alternative dispute resolution over the firm’s 18 Years of practice.

The settlement of your case will be a relief, but after 18 Years of experience, we know that it's often not the end of the representation. Our domestic violence attorneys in Costa Mesa are more than happy to pursue modifications and enforcement of settlement conditions if the party's circumstances change. Contact The Goldberg Legal Group using the information below to schedule a consultation:

The Goldberg Legal Group

7545 Irvine Center Drive

Irvine, CA 82618

(949) 229-0229

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