Paternity Attorney Anaheim CA

The opportunity to act and defend your paternity rights is always a very small window. Without the proper legal representation in the Anaheim area, your rights are often trampled and ignored, resulting in an unfavorable outcome. For the best legal work within the Anaheim area, pick up the phone and call The Goldberg Legal Group.

At The Goldberg Legal Group, our focus will always be to find a beneficial end-point that is in the best interest of all parties involved. Though we do want both parties to find a solution in as civil a manner as possible, we do not shy away from tough paternity cases in the Anaheim area that require hard litigation.

Paternity cases often involve significant and complicated financial issues, including the division of assets and debt, support, and taxes. Here at The Goldberg Legal Group, we want you to know that your needs will not be ignored when you work with us. We make the goals of our clients in the Anaheim area our focus. We will work hard to make sure your paternity case gets resolved. These issues need to be resolved properly by a professional attorney who understands these complex issues; The Goldberg Legal Group, has the know-how and experience to make this happen for you.

The doors at The Goldberg Legal Group are always open to you. We pride ourselves on providing a supportive, welcoming environment, as well as outstanding paternity counsel. It is no secret why we are the top pick of the Anaheim legal community when it comes to paternity matters. Our 18 Years of practicing family law has truly set us apart from the rest. If you are unhappy with the way your current paternity case is being handled in Anaheim - seeing more frustration than results - call The Goldberg Legal Group in order to schedule your first consultation with us.

The Goldberg Legal Group

7545 Irvine Center Drive 

Irvine, CA 82618 

(949) 229-0229

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