Paternity Attorney Costa Mesa CA

You will enjoy working with The Goldberg Legal Group in the Costa Mesa area as your paternity case moves through the process. Over the 18 Years we have been around, we have seen both sides of the coin regarding paternity cases. In any paternity case, it is important to protect your rights as early as possible.

Chances are that when you are facing paternity legal matters, you will not be in the best emotional state. If you are in the Costa Mesa area, you do not have to make decisions alone. It is difficult enough to deal with a complicated paternity legal matter, and having to go through all the details and make decisions can be downright overwhelming. Let The Goldberg Legal Group guide you to make the best decisions for you paternity case.

Our paternity firm prides itself most on being compassionate and handling your paternity cases with the utmost respect and honesty. We have been working in the Costa Mesa area for 18 Years. The focus of The Goldberg Legal Group is on the you. Our firm understands the financial and emotional burden that a complicated paternity case can put on a person, so we make sure that we tailor our approach to how you want it.

For 18 Years, we've built a strong reputation with clients in the Costa Mesa region for being supportive of any family law strategy they choose. Our paternity attorneys will work beside you no matter your decisions and always look out for your interests. Contact The Goldberg Legal Group in Costa Mesa to schedule a consultation.

The Goldberg Legal Group

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