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We all know that financial issues can sometimes be one of the most contentious problems in the divorce process. During the divorce preparation stage, using a forensic accountant can reveal essential information. A forensic accountant can help provide and analyze necessary divorce documentation including the amount of money or cash flow that is available for alimony payments and child support.  A forensic accountant becomes necessary when one or both parties to a divorce have their own business.

Forensic accountants are an invaluable resource to divorce attorneys in divorce litigation and settlements. A forensic accountant can facilitate a more equitable outcome for your divorce case. The reward will exceed the money invested in fees and costs, so if you are filing for divorce, your best option is to hire a forensic accountant to work with your divorce lawyer, so they can help you obtain the best possible settlement.

The Goldberg Legal Group is a divorce law firm operating in Irvine, Southern California for more than a decade. Our skilled attorneys specialize in divorce cases and frequently work with forensic accountants. Together, we can provide you the support you need to obtain what you deserve from your divorce.

What can a forensic accountant do for my divorce case in California?

In a divorce proceeding, the money managing spouse usually holds an advantage that can be used to achieve a more favorable settlement. Sometimes, capitalizing on this power can result in fraud by the money manager spouse, to reduce alimony or child support payments.

Such issues are prime examples in which hiring a forensic accountant becomes useful. The forensic accountant will conduct an in-depth examination of financial records and will play a significant role in uncovering hidden or transferred assets or income. Key areas of investigation of the forensic accountant will be to:

  • Search for hidden assets and/or hidden income
  • Search for inconsistencies between financial information and documentation
  • Corroborate financial reporting with non-financial information
  • Perform a business valuation
  • Determine and quantify personal expenses
  • Calculate the cash flow which could help in calculating support payments
  • Assist your attorney in preparing document requests, gathering information and preparing interrogatories related to financial matters.

The need for a forensic accountant or family law attorney in Orange County or Irvine depends on a variety of circumstances (e.g., size of the marital estate, perceived marital misconduct, financial needs of the dependent spouse, business ownership, etc.). Hiring a forensic accountant is the best decision to make in order to ensure that you receive a fair and equitable settlement from your divorce.

Forensic accountants in divorce cases in Orange County and Irvine, California

If you feel that your soon to be ex-spouse might be hiding financial assets, the best choice for you is to contact a forensic accountant to work with your divorce attorney. Together, they will reveal the unethical practices and make sure that you are not being cheated out of your fair share. The Goldberg Legal Group specializes in divorce cases and has worked many times with reputable and skilled forensic accountants in Orange County, California. We will ensure that your best interests are represented during the divorce process.

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