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Uncontested Divorce Attorney in Orange County

Putting an end to a marriage is not an easy decision to make. However, there are times that both sides mutually agree on all the terms for a divorce. An uncontested divorce is when both sides generally agree on all issues related to their divorce.  An uncontested divorce is quicker, less complicated and much less expensive than a contested divorce. A contested divorce is where one or more issues remain unresolved which requires additional time by the court and attorneys plus a significant increase in costs. Another benefit of an uncontested divorce is that neither party would have to go to court.

The Goldberg Legal Group is a family, custody, and divorce law firm located in Irvine, California and has focused in these areas of law for more than a decade. We devote our time and practice to helping families – particularly in the area of uncontested divorces which saves our clients money and the stress of standard divorce. We know that family law issues require special care and attention to detail. We strive to provide our clients with the best possible service for your Orange County uncontested divorce.

If you or someone you know is looking for a divorce lawyer for an uncontested divorce, then call the Goldberg Legal Group. We guide and advise our clients throughout the entire legal process, so that you can have the peace of mind you deserve.

How can a family lawyer help me with my uncontested divorce?

An uncontested divorce is a divorce decision where both spouses agree on all the major issues involved in getting as divorce, such as:

  • Legal child custody and Physical child custody
  • Sharing parenting time and responsibilities
  • Division of all property
  • Division of all assets and debts
  • Amount and duration of spousal support
  • Amount and calculation of child support

An uncontested divorce is available to couples who have no remaining disagreements. A contested divorce and uncontested divorce both start with a spouse starting a divorce by filing a petition for dissolution. The California Judicial Branch of the California Courts provides a list of FAQs for spouses considering the uncontested divorce procedure. In California, one form of uncontested divorce is called a summary dissolution. Couples that meet the requirements for a summary dissolution may further simplify the uncontested divorce process. Married couples or registered partners have to meet several requirements before they can qualify for a summary dissolution. However, most people do not meet the requirements but are still eligible to complete a standard uncontested divorce.

In contrast to contested divorce, uncontested divorce procedures in Orange County are simple, quick and less expensive because the parties have agreed to not “fight it out in court.”. Since both sides agree on the terms of the divorce, uncontested divorces have a streamlined paperwork process that includes the issues of child custody, child support, spousal support, property division, and the grounds for divorce. The more simple procedure for an uncontested divorce is less expensive because both sides have agreed to not spend their money on attorney fees and additional court costs. Uncontested divorces are also quicker since the process usually involves no court hearings and less attorney time spent addressing contested legal issues. When done correctly, the parties may never have to go to court during the entire uncontested divorce process.  Finally, another advantage of the course of an uncontested divorce is that it decreases the amount of conflict and animosity between the divorcing spouses.

Couples with complex arrangements – or where children are involved – may require additional paperwork or language in their divorce judgment to address their agreed on terms of settlement. As child custody is an important issue, it requires additional paperwork and attention. The experienced divorce attorneys at the Goldberg Legal Group can guide you through the legal process and find the most cost efficient path.

Uncontested divorce procedures in Orange County and Irvine, California

If you or someone you know is seeking an uncontested divorce and is in need of legal help, our family law attorney in Orange County at The Goldberg Legal Group is here to provide you navigate the process, care free. Our divorce attorneys are experienced and have been handling cases of uncontested divorces for years. We offer efficient and high-quality representation that is effective and affordable. We will finalize your uncontested divorce quickly and seamlessly.

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