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When there are children involved in a complex divorce, there is one more layer of emotional strain — for both parents and children. It is all the more important to choose a lawyer who is supportive and experienced in protecting the relationship between parent and child. Having an attorney with experience guiding clients with high income levels is critical as well. At The Goldberg Legal Group, we use our decade-plus of experience to do what is right for parents and children.

If you have questions regarding child support and custody in Orange County, California, do not hesitate to consult with our law firm. We have helped numerous clients through very complicated divorce matters throughout the Irvine area.

Things You Need to Know Regarding Child Custody

What will your relationship with your child look like after the divorce? Where will the child live? Where will the child go to school? Who will make the medical decisions for the child? It is important to be aware that, in the eyes of the court, all of these types of questions must be answered with one larger question in mind: What is in the best interest of the child?

For an Irvine child custody attorney, the goal is to make certain the child is positioned for the best life possible, and that typically means child custody arrangements that allow for a strong relationship with both parents. We will work closely with you to help you determine what child custody arrangements will look like.

Child Support Guidance From a Skilled Irvine Attorney

On the surface, calculating child support is one of the more straightforward aspects of California divorces involving children. There are formulas in place that must be followed in most cases, and it is based on the incomes of both parents, the child custody arrangements and other factors.

We understand the formula, and we know how important it is to make certain that income and other financial details are properly calculated before being used. We also understand that there are reasons why that formula should be deviated from. Our goal is to get child support payments that are fair for the parent and meet the needs of the child.

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