Same Sex Divorce Attorney Orange County

There are individuals of the same sex that enter into Same Sex Marriages or decided to form Domestic Partnerships as an alternative to formal marriage. These are legally binding relationships that are valid and in effect until they are legally terminated. The people involved can have their relationship dissolved through a Orange County divorce or they can opt for legal separation. As a Same Sex Divorce Attorneys, we have experience helping our clients terminate Same Sex Marriages or Domestic Partnerships.

Orange County Same Sex Divorce Attorney

The reasons for having Domestic Partnerships instead of a Same Sex Marriage vary for couples who are the same gender. Recently, same sex couples have gained the right to be formally married as opposed to a domestic partnership, but they both are a legal relationship that carries much of the same status and rights. A part of The Goldberg Legal Group services is offering Orange County Family Law clients advice and consultations regarding their Orange County Same Sex Marriages or Orange County Domestic Partnerships.

Couples who want to marry or have Domestic Partnerships desire to share property, rights and other benefits allowed in a typical marital relationship allows. There are times that a Orange County Same Sex Divorce Attorney is needed to help dissolve the same sex marriage or partnership. Same sex clients have equal interests to protect in a dissolution proceeding. We handle Family Law matters including Same Sex Divorces/Marriages or Domestic Partnerships for Orange County and other Southern California clients include the following:

  • Pre-Nuptial Agreements
  • Domestic Partnerships/Civil Unions
  • Same Sex Divorce/Dissolution of Same Sex Marriage
  • Dissolution of Domestic Partnerships
  • Child Custody/Support
  • Same Sex Spousal Support/Alimony
  • Property Division
  • Agreement Modifications

Experienced Same Sex Divorce Attorney

Since practicing family law over a decade ago in California, Orange County Attorney David Goldberg has helped clients resolve difficult relationship matters. People who are interested in Orange County Same Sex Marriage and Divorce, forming Domestic Partnerships or a Civil Union need legal advice and representation, just as anyone does when entering into a marital or contractual relationship. Those who are having problems serious enough to want to end their relationship also need experienced legal advice to make sure all aspects of a termination of the relationship are addressed. The process can be quite emotional and involve similar complex issues that are faced by all people in a marital relationship.

Orange County Domestic Partnership Attorney

People who opt to form or dissolve their Domestic Partnership require legal advice, counsel and representation offered by our Orange County Domestic Partnership Attorney. David Goldberg represents their best interests during mediation or litigation. He gets to know his clients, giving them the personal attention and respect they deserve. This provides the necessary foundation for proceeding towards best results with any case.


Southern California Same Sex Divorce Lawyer

If you have any questions or concerns about your Same Sex Marriage or Domestic Partnership, our Southern California Same Sex Divorce Lawyer has answers for you. We are ready to help you deal with the extremely personal aspects of a relationship at any stage. Consultation with us can help you decide upon goals and the direction you want to take to resolve any difficulties or other concerns you have about your relationship.

Contact the Goldberg Legal Group for your initial consultation with our experienced same sex divorce and family law attorney in Orange County. Call us now, at (844) 326-4561.

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