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During our 18 Years experience we have served the Santa Ana area, The Goldberg Legal Group has made its name through integrity. Whatever happens in your uncontested divorce case, we will honestly brief you on your rights and best options for your case in the Santa Ana area.

We have access to new tried-and-proven alternative dispute resolution methods that relate to uncontested divorce law in the Santa Ana area. The Goldberg Legal Group understands these methods well and can work alongside those processes to protect your rights and facilitate an agreement. Even in our legal representation, The Goldberg Legal Group’s primary goal for Santa Ana area clients is a settlement.

Uncontested divorce courts that serve Santa Ana grapple with the legal and financial issues of a family dispute. However, you do not want to step into one of these courts without the help and guidance of our uncontested divorce lawyers. The Goldberg Legal Group can be your aid through these difficult times.

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Part of our practice at The Goldberg Legal Group is providing people in Santa Ana with help for the rest of their life. We’ll use our 18 Years of experience in your uncontested divorce case to help you move on and meet your life goals. Contact The Goldberg Legal Group today to schedule a free consultation.